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Vehicle Management


Telematics technology has the potential to improve numerous aspects of fleet operations, from safety and reliability to fuel consumption and schedule adherence. Our high performance, secure, scalable SAS platform supports more than 100 types of Alerts and notification. Our platform is hosted on high-performance cloud servers that can process thousands of data point in a second so that our customers can get real-time updates without any delay.

Logistics & Transport

Our connected vehicle eco-system allows the Logistics and transport industry to move from a paper-based (out of date) model, into a modern system that utilizes technology to generate a range of benefits. 

Driver Monitoring System

Driving performance can be monitored and measured using certain parameters. One category of driving performance parameters fall into safety, and the second category falls into fuel economy. Furthermore, by implementing In-vehicle driving behavior monitoring and telematics systems, coupled with driver intervention (automated in-cab feedback and coaching) fleet managers can significantly enhance the safety of their fleet and drivers.

ADAS System Integration

Our platform support full integration of collision avoidance solution that can be retrofit to almost any type of vehicle to monitor driver performance and from an intervention process to provide coaching and rewards for modifying driver behavior.The system providing lifesaving alerts that warn the driver in real-time providing crucial seconds to possibly avoid a collision. The System is fully integrated with our telematics system for realtime alerts and post driving behavior analysis.

Real-time Navigation and Infotainment