End-to-End Connected Car Technology

Connected vehicle technology  combines the power of artificial intelligence,  onboard computation, high speed networking and cloud connectivity. The onboard computer is responsible for the computation and processing of the data received from multiple sensors connected to the computer. The gateway acts as a gatekeeper between the vehicle subsystem and the external internet and provides a secure internet connection to the vehicle. The router does the high-speed networking, data management and protects information from security threats using multi-layer security.

Channel Bonding

The gateway has a high-performance onboard computer, neural network accelerators, and multiple network interfaces. The router support link-layer adaptation, QoS, MLVPN, load balancing, Link failovers and can bond up to 8 LTE/5G modems for high bandwidth and low latency applications.

High Speed Networking

The gateway supports multi-layer security such as cloud VPS, MPLVPN/VPN, TLS layer security, Private APNs, FireWalls, and many other security protocols. All data between the device and the VPS can be encrypted and obfuscated.

5G Cloud Connectivity

Vehicle to Cloud connectivity offers endless unexplored business opportunities. Our cloud platform includes a wide range of unique applications besides commonly talked about - vehicle tracking, predictive maintenance, and telematics.  Our customers can manage device configuration, applications, and subscriptions remotely using our cloud platform services using SD-WAN.